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evanescent ephemeral fleeting transient vanishing disappearing flitting
short-lived transitory brief momentary impermanent passing temporary
elusive impromptu
Where did you come from? Where are you going?
"As we dance through the play, with everyone on the way,
All Along the Mahayana Mountain Ridge Rhumba"
(from the song, © 1974 David M. Savage)


"By their links shall ye know them."
"Link today; gone tomorrow."
"Here a link, there a link, everywhere a link, link."

The placement of the links into the various categories is somewhat arbitrary. The links within each category are in no particular order. If you find a link does not work, please let me know by sending email to: Thanks.


Informational Resources
Listen, Look, and Talk
Mind and Spirit

Informational Resources

Here are resources, lists of resources, and meta-lists (lists of lists), including "search engines," newspapers, magazines, journals, dictionaries, reference "books," servers, listserv groups, etc., and even lists of places to visit in the real world.

  1. iTools Search
  2. Starting Point
  3. All Area Codes
  4. United States Zip Code Maps
  5. My Virtual Reference Desk
  6. U.S. Library of Congress
  8. AT&T Phone Directories
  9. Tile
  10. Space Telescope Electronic Information Service
  11. The Smithsonian Institution
  12. C|Net
  13. PBS
  14. NPR


  1. Free Stuff
  2. WinSite

Listen, Look, and Talk

  1. Videomaker Online - Video Production Resources
  2. Human Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland
  3. GoldWave Digital Audio Editor
  4. Movie Sounds Central
  5. Music Machines
  6. Angelfire Communications
  7. Alchemy Mindworks Inc.


  1. Sustainability Consciousness
  2. Literary Kicks
  3. The Beat Generation
  4. 1996 Dharma Beats Roster
  5. The Beat Generation Archives
  6. The Digger Archives
  7. The Beat Museum

Mind and Spirit

  1. Gesundheit! Institute - Patch Adams
  2. NIH National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health
  3. Zen@Metalab
  4. Mensa International
  5. Gaia Trust
  6. The Farm
  7. Arcosanti
  8. Foundation for Intentional Community
  9. Rainbow Family of Living Light
  10. The Lucidity Institute
  11. btanaka's Zen Space...
  12. Loving More - Polyamory
  13. Colorwize


  1. Capital PC User Group (CPCUG)
  2. Fairfax Cable Access Corporation (FCAC) - Produce your own TV show!
  3. Bat Conservation International
  4. Electronic Frontier Foundation
  5. Meta-Index for Non-Profit Organizations
  6. Tutoring for Success

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