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David Savage performs on cornet and harmonicas in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC areas.

Listen to David playing jazz cornet.

"Swing Dance Saturday Night"
A song about swing dancing
Copyright 2008 David M Savage

Words and music by David Savage. Produced, arranged, recorded, vocals, and instruments played by David Savage.

The song is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. The title is also registered with ASCAP.

An audio recording of "Swing Dance Saturday Night" is available in several formats at the following links. This recording is at a tempo of 150 bpm.

.mp3 (128 kbps - 3.1 MB)
.mp3 (320 kbps - 7.8 MB)
.wav (35 MB)

I will be pleased if the song is played at swing dances by DJs and bands.

Lyrics and Chords (.pdf)

I wrote this song in January, 2008 as a tribute to swing dancing and the swing dancing instructors I studied with in 2001 and 2007 in the Washington, DC area.

The song mentions several styles of swing dancing and the names of some of the instructors I studied with. I apologize if I left anyone out. There are many more styles and many more instructors, even in the DC area.

It is my hope that people around the world will write more verses to this song and mention more styles of swing dancing and more teachers, who deserve all the credit for their creativity, hard work, and dedication in bringing this joyous activity to so many people.

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Copyright 2008 David M. Savage
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