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Plant-Based Eating and a Vegan Life

Vegan Resources (PDF, last updated 2/18/2016)
Medical sources that recommend plant-based eating
Annual events in the Washington, DC area
DC area vegan and vegetarian groups on
DC area vegan groups on Facebook
Other resources
Vegan athletes
Vegan ultramarathoners
Vegan movies
Olive oil
A few books
16 movies about veganism (PDF, last updated 5/1/2017)
Links to movie website, trailer on YouTube, Wikipedia description, ratings on IMDB, Amazon, and Rotten Tomatoes
108 vegan advocacy ideas summary (PDF, last updated 5/6/2017)
23 books for children about veganism (PDF, 4/11/2016)
Vegan Ethics (PDF, 1/28/2016)

Music Videos on YouTube:
Please Don't Eat The Animals
I'm an Animal, Please Don't Eat Me
Animal Justice Earth - the same two videos as above, plus short
excerpts from them for people with short attention spans.

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